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Thank you for choosing to take care of yourself today!

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Having a tough day?

I appreciate your existence :)

Choose an issue below to learn more, find helpful tips & resources.

Need help immediately?
Please call a volunteer help line or go to your local emergency room.

I wish I had more opportunities to be a shoulder & ear for you, hopefully some of these resources will be helpful for you! If you're experiencing suicidal or thoughts of self harm please reach out to a helpline & consider visiting a hospital emergency room for support. DBT distress tolerance is a great tool for immediate mood issues as well.
You're not alone, thank you for keeping up the struggle with me.  Please take care.
<3 - Pru K

Anxiety & Panic

You're incredible for taking your mental health into consideration! Anxiety is a natural part of life but can easily become problematic- it can be a struggle to cope with stress, anxiety & overwhelming emotions. Hopefully this resource will help you find some of the available options & tools that work to assist in feeling grounded, safe & calm. Please seek help, if you're experiencing severe immediate distress- some communities have social service help lines to assist you in finding the right professionals or services that can suit your needs.



Beginner Yoga

Yoga with Adriene - "Yoga for Beginners"

Yoga with Kassandra - "Bedtime Yoga 30 min"

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