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Getting started

a) Research & decide on which platforms you're interested in (clipsales, camming, phone sex), as well as what equipment & skills are required for that type of work.
Brush up on business, small business accounting
& web marketing.

Choose a type of work that you’re comfortable with, join the associated webcam  / content sites you’re considering, but as a member using a separate email address.
Watch & tip other models- take notes on their shows, content & behaviors. Try to utilize ideas to create your own games, personality, set & style- being yourself will benefit you more than trying to perform another model's show.

- Choose a SW name & create an email / all social media accounts with the same name- read & follow the terms of service for social media platforms or risk having your accounts removed.
Instagram - No nudes or sexually suggestive photos including hand bras or censored, no adult sites in profile link, captions or bio, no suggestive statements or emojis in photo captions or bio, no sexual adult settings such as stripclubs in photos.
Twitter - Allows nudes & adult links but will have profile flagged & shadowbanned from searches & timelines. - Sexual content & nudity allowed in some spaces, but advertising outside of "sex sells" type spaces is generally frowned upon.
Tiktok - unsure, not on it but no nudity or sexual content. - All legal adult content allowed.
Google the name you chose before settling, the more people using the same name will make it difficult to be found; a pro or a con depending on your personal preference for anonymity. 

- Make a list of all the fetishes or acts specifically that you feel comfortable offering as well as what your limits are. Don't assume anything is off limits, people will ask for scat, urine, vomitting, self harm, incest etc etc.

Videos & Webcam
Scarlettfoxplay’s Newbie Camgirl Video
Purchase some videos, hang out it cam rooms but dont forget to tip or buy private shows, follow the social media of girls who are in the top 20 on the sites you’re looking at.
Practice shooting & editing, watch tutorials for indie filmmakers & aspiring models on YT.
Free editing software: Davinci Resolve, Shotcut, Apple imovie, VSDC
Audio: beatstars, bensound, free music archive, soundstripe, ccmixter,
Video editing 101
lighting: 3 point lighting, types of lights

Try it out, block any abusive or manipulative members or people on social media.
Never give anything until after receiving a secure payment or physical object in hand.
Pay your taxes.  Lighting is key. Always get a copy of the ID of anyone you shoot with & have them sign a release form. Best to have a lawyer draft one for you.
Clips4sale - "Proper Record Keeping"

Standard gear
Lamps or softbox lights, sex toys, time, fast internet & privacy.
Streaming- Logitech c90 webcam, DSLR
Shooting - A webcam, phone, videocamera or DSLR camera & tripod.

Mic - filmmaking or streaming

personally previously used the Canon EOS Rebel T6i, autofocus wasn't ideal but for the price it got the job done for many years with a flip out viewscreen. Currently using the sony a4600, flip out viewscreen with great autofocus & alright built in mic.

Hiding Identity
a ) How do I hide my real name on Paypal?
To hide your real name on paypal google says the account must be set to "business", but without a vanilla business you're likely to be flagged & have the funds frozen.

"Here's how to change the name of your business:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Click the Business Profile icon beside "Log Out" and select Profile and settings.

  3. Click My business info.

  4. Click Change next to Name.

  5. Select Business Name Change (business name).

  6. Click Continue to complete the instructions.

Note: Depending on the name change you are making, you may be required to upload or fax documentation."

Adult websites require sharing one's photo ID to sign up, the info is stored in private but information & content has been leaked in the past from many major sites previously such as Iwantclips & Manyvids.
Most sites allow masks / no face shown, or to block IP addresses from particular places- but there’s a good chance someone will find you anyways. Recorded videos of you will be posted online even if you only perform in live camshows or post behind a subscription paywall. People can evade location blocks with VPN protection. Copies of your videos will be around online until the end of time if you make porn, if not when you are active- someday someone you know will probably find out. If you're ashamed or have any serious reason to hide what you're doing I would recommend not doing online SW at all. 

“Former Camgirl with Regret”
“Webcam Models Safety Guide”
“Scared of People I know Finding Out I’m a Camgirl”
“10 Mistakes Camgirls Make that Jeopardize their Privacy”
“Camming & Confidentiality”

Each website uses a different payment provider, most will have the option of a mailed cheque
or direct deposit. Paxum is one service used by the industry- one would sign up for the service, the money is then routed into an account online where you may then choose to transfer it into your bank account.

If using paypal, squarecash, venmo, etc be prepared to have your accounts frozen & funds seized by the company at any time- or for men to cancel the payment after receiving the content or service.

Adult content sites generally provide a chargeback protection so that one doesn't lose funds.

How much money will I make?
It's entirely up to you. You're basically running an internet lemonade stand, but the lemonade is your content, brand & time. How many hours you put in, how well you market yourself, how much you reinvest into your brand & supplies. It all adds up to how much money you make, as with any small business it's hard to expect a strong reliable income for the first year- with so much competition in the solo camgirl world it's difficult to get noticed. Fitting the eurocentric standard of beautiful isn't as important as being consistant, reliable & personable- but it certainly helps. Those of us who don't appeal to the masses need to find our niche & aim for a strong returning customer base vs expecting to sell cheap content to tons of people.
Don't quit your day job expecting to support yourself immediately, Do your research on small business & accounting & Do save a percentage of each payout for taxes every year.

Thanks to the US government we're running out of places to post our content, good luck lol.
Posting or using graphic adult images in headers or profile pictures on Twitter, IG, Tiktok & Facebook, will result in an account ban. Reddit, Fetlife & hubsites are adult friendly options, but full of free content already.
Free graphic design:, GIMP Image editor,

Common Scams
Never give out your personal or banking info to a customer for any reason. Never give the product or service until you're paid & the money is in an account with chargeback protection, at the very least a deposit.

cashapp or cheque chargebacks & amazon wishlist returns
customers sending the payment via cashapp or buying a wishlist item only to cancel the payment after receiving the service. Avoid this by sticking to adult web services with chargeback protection & waiting for the item to arrive.
sugar daddy account login or "send me a giftcard first"
-apparently men are coldcalling women on social media & dating apps pretending to be online sugar daddies. In general, no man will ever give you hundreds of dollars for nothing- they will contact you about your deals, customs or content instead. If anyone asks you to send your log in info for any banking or cashapp, block & report- no man will ever under any circumstance require you to send them money or giftcards first to be able to give you anything.

free dirtytalk session during ordering process

-don't discuss content with people beyond the bare details of the order or work until after payment, guys will pretend they're going to buy shit just to keep your attention for free for hours if you let them.


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